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Innumerable customers have reaped benefits from our Health Supplements. Read further to know their feedback!

Tilly Duffy
STM Auto Parts

I cannot thank SQ Supplements enough for all their support and advice, owing to which Iím much more fit and fabulous than I ever was before! Kudos to their†genuine efforts and timely updates which helped get past my fast food addiction and switch over to a healthy lifestyle. †

Louie Nolan

Iím indebted to SQ Supplements for showing me the healthy alternatives to the plethora of fast food and drinks that are available in the market today. Till†last year, I was grossly overweight and unhealthy, but now I have shed those extra pounds, and have taken to a very healthy lifestyle.

Summer Howarth

I think SQ Supplements is taking an excellent initiative as far as raising awareness about healthy eating and food habits are concerned. Their calorie†calculators are very accurate and worthy of mention, while their BMI Monitors are top-notch in all aspects.

French Food is Slow Food

Why you should care about the food you eat

In our everyday lives, there are very few things that are absolutely essential. The food you eat is one such thing. For many, food is just a source for survival and they do not mind eating fast food. However, for many others food is a way of life. The food that you like to eat and that you prefer explains a lot about your personality. The world is filled with people who enjoy food and many among them are slow food lovers. The word slow food includes all those food items that are exclusive in their taste and method of preparation. Slow food is also a different approach to food, it is about taking your time and really enjoying what you are eating. Slow food proves to be much better for your health, both in terms of facilitating digestion and absorbing nutriments more completely.

Where to get French food

There are many food lovers across the world who have a distinct taste and also the knowledge on the art of food preparation. With its tradition of gourmet food and long-lasting meals, France is one of the symbols for slow food. Luckily, you can get French food online from specialized internet shops. If you are a gourmet food lover and have the desire to relish on some of the best that the French gourmet food has to offer, you donít have to travel all the way to France. An easier and a more practical way to enjoy French gourmet food is to order it online.

We particularly like Saveur du Jour, which is a French store that deals with everything French. On saveurdujour.com, you will be able to find French gourmet food online and can place your order easily. In most cases, the gourmet food is made fresh after receiving your order and is delivered in the next couple of days. *French gourmet food continues to be among the top favorites of gourmet food lovers. It includes charcuterie, chocolates, sweets, French macaroons, gourmet honey, French mustard, gourmet salts, and French wine, of course. The popularity of French food is spread across the world with the culinary experts vouching on the fact that French gourmet food gives the real gourmet experience.

In fact, many French chefs have opened restaurants in the US and in Asia to address the demand for French cuisine and slow food. If you would like to find out more, click here to get a list of the best French restaurants in the US, where you can have great meals and enjoy slow food too.