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"Did you know that consumption of fast foods and aerated beverages can reduce your life expectancy by almost 20 years! Recent scientific findings have revealed that not only does excessive intake of junk food lead to life threatening ailments such as obesity, hypertension and cardiac disorders, these also make you look older! The symptoms related to ageing can be visually much more prominent amongst people who tend to consume too much of junk food, or are chain smokers and even those addicted to alcohol."

SQ Supplements brings forth to you a wide range of amazing health supplements, as well as a multitude of health tips, advice and free consultation sessions, to ensure that you stay healthy and happy.

Healthy Eating, Happy Living

When you start comprehending that eating fast food and drinks like chips, wafers, candy, colas and so on can decrease your lifespan drastically, make you weak, inactive and also proliferate the ageing process, you will automatically start to mend your ways. With our high quality, nutritious and holistic health supplements, we want to inculcate the motto of Healthy Eating and Happy Living amongst our valued customers. 

Importance of having a Balanced Diet

Our body needs all six essential nutrients in adequate proportions, and reduced or excessive intake of either of them can lead to multiple health issues under the common terminology known as Malnutrition. These six essential nutrients include Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre. Apart from these, water is not a nutrient, but is an essential component of your daily diet, because only if your body is well hydrated, can it function effectively and metabolize the food that you consume. Get in touch with us for the best ways to balance your diet today! 

Free Diet Consultation by Nutrition Experts

We are backed by a qualified team of Dieticians and Nutrition Experts who will be very pleased to have a one to one discussion with you, adjudge your exact requirements and thereon, chart out an exclusive dietary regime for you, perfectly suited to keep you hale and hearty.


Health is your biggest asset as well as liability. Allow SQ Supplements to take charge of your health!

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Many of us have been misled by the common misconceptions related to our body weight, and end up not knowing whether we are actually underweight, healthy,overweight or obese. Fair and accurate knowledge of your Body Mass Index will make you understand your body in a much better manner. We have a highly accurate BMI Calculator, which has been designed and formulated a team of professional health experts. To find out your accurate Body Mass Index (BMI), register with us today!

Best Online Calorie Calculator

SQ Supplements brings forth to you the most advanced Online Calorie Calculator, which helps you keep a track of exactly how many calories you are consuming throughout the day. With this exclusive calorie calculator, it becomes so easy to find out where you are faltering in your diet, and your weight loss objectives become much more realistic than ever before.


Fast Foods can cause more harm than you think! Register for free daily health tips and facts.

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